Precautions for cleaning and dismantling of vacuum pump

Precautions for vacuum pump disassembly and cleaning for vacuum pump maintenance
1. The disassembly and cleaning of the mechanical vacuum pump should be carried out in a clean room. When dismantling and washing, you should pay attention to the original installation position, square and combination tightness of each component, and make a record together to avoid wrong installation.
2. When taking out the rotary vane and rotor, you must pay attention to tightening the rotary vane with your hands. The reason is that the rotary vane is subject to a large spring force, and it is easy to fly out of your hands accidentally, which will damage the edge or surface of the rotary vane and cannot be used continuously. .
3. The dismantled parts should be separated and handled properly to avoid bumping or losing each other.
4. When installing, first apply a small amount of vacuum pump oil to the surface of the rolling part to smooth it. Pay attention to cleaning, and prohibit iron filings, mud sand and dust from falling into the vacuum pump. The installed vacuum pump should roll easily without unevenness and blockage.
5. After the final assembly, add the vacuum pump oil from the oil filling hole to the oil mark line.
6. Before starting the machine, a small amount of vacuum pump oil should be written into the suction port to make the vacuum pump fully smooth. (The vacuum pump repair manufacturer indicates that the reinstalled vacuum pump should be tested for several hours to investigate whether it has reached the application request)
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