Vacuum equipment recycling

Vacuum equipment recycling

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Completely, Accurately and Comprehensively Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Job in Carbon Reaching Peak and Carbon Neutrality". Utilize and continuously improve the level of green and low-carbon development.

"Respect the sky and cherish things" and "save things for use", my country has a long tradition of promoting resource recycling. Promoting the recycling and reuse of second-hand idle items is essentially by circulating them, turning old items into resources and turning waste into consumption. In recent years, green living and green consumption have become increasingly popular, and the green, low-carbon and circular development economic system has developed rapidly.

Vacuum equipment can also be idle due to various reasons, resulting in a waste of resources. How to make full use of these idle vacuum pump vacuum systems is also a direction of our service.

Idle second-hand vacuum pumps, through professional testing technology, advanced remanufacturing technology or professional maintenance, let these idle items continue to function, can provide at least 180 days of quality assurance, users have no worries.

Contribute to energy conservation, emission reduction, and green and low-carbon development.