Vacuum pump rental

Vacuum pump rental

Silent rotary vane vacuum pump, 220V, single-phase, rated pumping rate 120m3/h
Suitable for quick vacuuming in the laboratory
For users who need a quick solution after emergency temporary use or vacuum pump damage, we can provide quick vacuum pump rental and emergency replacement services.

Vacuum pump rental:
From simple single vacuum pump to vacuum system, to vacuum packaging and vacuum drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum pre-cooling and other applications, we are equipped with sufficient vacuum pumps of various pumping speeds to meet the needs of different users.

Vacuum Pump Replacement:
Once the vacuum pump in use fails, it often takes a lot of time to repair. In some important occasions, if there is no spare vacuum pump, it will cause excessive maintenance time and increase risks and losses.

In this case, vacuum pump replacement can solve the problem quickly and easily.