Vacuum pump maintenance

Vacuum pump maintenance

Vacuum pumps used in conventional industrial fields are positive displacement mechanical vacuum pumps. Whether it is oil lubrication, water circulation, or nominal oil-free and water-free dry vacuum pumps, more or less regular maintenance and maintenance are required to maintain good performance of the vacuum pump. Extended service life.

Our professional service engineers will formulate a more detailed preventive maintenance plan according to the actual situation of the vacuum pump used on site, so that the vacuum pump can operate without worry!

On-site maintenance and inspection of freeze dryer users
Negative case 1
The user does not maintain the vacuum pump in a timely and correct manner, and the quality of the replaced vacuum pump oil and exhaust filter element is low. In extreme cases, the vacuum pump will be overheated, the oil quality will be extremely reduced, the excessive exhaust temperature and the accumulation of static electricity will cause the vacuum pump fuel tank to catch fire and cause Major liability accident.

Negative case 2
Lgnoring the existence of the vacuum pump, the long-term lack of oil will lead to the wear of the pump body. The rotary vane of a foreign brand made of aluminum alloy is broken and stuck in the pump body, causing the pump body to crack and the entire vacuum pump to be scrapped.